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Top 7 Reasons to purchase an Air Cooler

Some types of air refridgerators, provide comfort to people with allergies and the respiratory system problems, as well as elderly people and children. Some swamp refridgerators are ideal for people allergies and other the respiratory system conditions. These such refridgerators draw exterior air into the building. Once inside, the air is cooled by evaporation and then published. This activity gives a constant method of getting filtered, ticket. This process differs from the others from air conditioning units, which recirculate old air. Air refridgerators draw moisture into dry indoor air, increasing dampness while lowering the air temperature.

Powered by the natural process of mccoy air cooler evaporation, evaporative refridgerators do not rely on extremely large amounts of electricity and chemical-based coolants, like Freon. Swamp cooler can provide energy savings and environmental benefits that can potentially lessen your indoor air temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Swamp refridgerators use about a quater of the energy employed by an air conditioning unit or central air unit. Even the most complex residential swamp cooler system will uses considerably less energy than an air conditioning unit.

If your goal is to save money on your utility bills and lessen your cooling costs, then an evaporative cooler or swamp cooler may be for you. An evaporative cooler, such as the Schaefer Waycool 1/3 HP Oscillating Cooler uses just a one fourth of the energy employed by under refrigeration air conditioning units. the cost to operate an evaporative air cooler or swamp cooler is relatively cheaper than other cooling methods.

This content lets you know the constructional features of air cooler, the controls such a cooler has, the advantages and the disadvantages of such refridgerators. Such refridgerators will vary fro the swamp refridgerators and article will describe differences between the two.

Portable air refridgerators are evaporative air cooler with a throw of 8 to 10 feet. In some countries, the refridgerators have been developed with a throw all the way to 30 feet, but such refridgerators suffer a major disadvantage of being very deafening simply have exhaust fans as air blowers in the individual as the moving machine for air movement.

Constructional features of personal refridgerators act like the swamp refridgerators. There is a container holding everything, the air fan, the water pump, the container for water and the controls of the air cooler. In addition, there are castors when planning on taking the cooler from destination for a place. Everything here is lightweight for easy portability. The water holding capacity of the cooler is smaller. It might be sufficient for 8 to 15 hours depending on dampness of atmosphere.

Some swamp refridgerators have control for maintaining the water level in the cooler container. Since the refridgerators are by definition "portable", they cannot link to water mains for controlling water level. Water addition is by manual method only. Some of the refridgerators are combined with dehumidifiers and sold as personal refridgerators. In fact, they are air conditioning units. The air conditioners are more expensive than personal air refridgerators.

It is the convention for businesses to strive for low costs in order to maximize profits. Consistent with this objective. reducing energy costs would be one of the areas worth exploring. Thus. when it comes to air cooling. the installation of a commercial evaporative air cooling system in replacement of an ac system would help to reduce energy costs significantly.


As evaporative air refridgerators operate on single-phase power supply. their energy consumption is much lower as compared to air conditioning units. In fact. surveys have revealed the vitality usage of an evaporative air cooler is about 75 % less than that of air conditioning units.

After that. evaporative air refridgerators for commercial purposes possess large cooling capacities and ranges. and therefore reducing the cooling cost per sq foot. Indeed. evaporative air refridgerators are capable of cooling air in the area size all the way to 3500 sq feet or over to 60 feet away.

Apart from cooling air. evaporative air refridgerators for commercial purposes are also ideal for food industry. When the air goes thru the cooler. the air is filtered to eliminate viruses and bacteria. On the other hand. evaporation generates cool air and pushes away the hot air therefore bringing along the smoke. Unlike air conditioning units that refrigerate the air trapped in the building. air refridgerators allow air circulation every 3 minutes.

Evaporative air refridgerators for commercial purposes are fitted with additional pads for more evaporation over a shorter period of time. Apply bars in the refridgerators are steel so there are don’t worry about oxidation or frequent replacement. Most evaporative cooler for commercial purposes are built with distribution cassettes at the top of each directory bank. This gives even water distribution through the water pads. which are specially designed to facilitate high water intake rates.

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