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Rape – Understanding the Five Rules

Sex Offenses in Louisiana Including RapeWomen often find themselves in precarious conditions because they are unaware of or oblivious to the rules of conduct and situation from the male perspective. Women even in the most positive sense take up the role of the victim too readily, easily and far too often. It seems that first degree rape women are often not ready to make the commitment to changing their thinking, habits, self destructive lifestyles, and ideas about modesty. All men are potential rapists therefore women must be able to distinguish men according to fact and circumstances rather than feelings and delusions. This is where the "Five Rules" come in to protect women not just from men but from their own misconceptions and fears. Rapes just don't happen as a rule there is premeditation involved from the male point of view and often considerable logical thought. Being a man the natural inclination is to treat other men (especially those unknown) with a definite degree of mutual caution if not suspicion, although commonly men share the threat of mutual destruction if violence ensues. Women do not have the protection of mutual aggression, strength and the assured possibly devastating retaliation. Men do not have fear of women and males of other species from chimpanzees to dogs can identify women as female, rank them as dominate or non dominate and threaten them accordingly. However with human males they are much more cautious because they know they can never be sure of the outcome. With this in mind, I have developed Five Rules that if followed could serve any woman in any society quite well if taken seriously.

Men consciously or unconsciously are able view women in a way women do not perceive. For rough example a panther, leopard or any big cat watches the landscape from a high place or the shadows and learns the habits routine and movements of its prey. It logically uses this information to stalk, herd, ambush, and ultimately attack its prey, while the prey almost always stays in reactive mode rather that a proactive one. The prey's defense is to be alert, panic and to flee but even this has a predictable pattern and the big cats count on this because they are often fed by it. Women must assume they are being watched especially when they have no apparent male companion or relatives that are frequently visible. Profiles on serial rapist bear out the fact that the most dangerous men are not men of other social economic, racial, or cultural groups, but rather the men that seem to fit in from the victims own race, economic strata and cultural settings. These are the men women look at but don't see (hiding in plain sight using the best camouflage of all) because society has trained them not to. Nice upscale gated community may not just be locking the undesirables out but locking potential victims in with the real sex criminals. Assume the men in the neighborhood, on the street, at the job, clubs, sports events etc. know a lot more about local women than they think. Today's new casual male friend, sports partner, or associate could be tomorrows date rapist or nighttime intruder. The clean cut very socially acceptable men can be the ones with the most skeletons in their dark mental closets, and the criminal animal mind can be shockingly logical. Do not jog or walk alone especially in deserted or semi deserted places like wooded areas, roads, parks, alley ways, bike paths etc. and never at dawn, dusk or after dark. There have been instances of mountain lions attacking or even killing women in secluded locations and they don't have the advantages of a human brain as men evidently do.

An office, a hotel, a park, a mall parking lot, a parking garage or entire city can be a prison because men are nearby and women know nothing of their true intent. Women must mentally function the way a man would if incarcerated, be aware, be cautious, be armed if possible (a key, a pen or pencil, a magazine, etc. are all weapons of opportunity if used correctly) "soap on a rope" can do a lot of damage to a human being in or out of the showers and they won't see it coming. The point is not to have sex with anyone because sex and violence have no distinction in a confined environment and men recognize the predatory nature and tendency of man. Don't assume anyone is a friend and never smile. Don't do favors for anyone. Don't accept gifts even small ones from any man (candy, cigarettes, money etc). Remember yes means "yes" maybe means "yes" and most important "no" means "yes" to "sex" in any conversation no matter what the weaker parties intent or the conversational context. Never show fear rather be stoic or show aggression stay as quiet and detached as possible, quiet people are hard to fathom and unpredictable when under attack. Know your escape routes, never turn your back; if you have to flee use your head stay lucid and a fighting retreat can spoil the plans and aggression of an attacker. Last of all prepare yourself to mentally deal with the possibility of gang rape. If men use violence against men in the form of rape in prison then certainly it will be used against weaker and often less savvy women.

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