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How to Sell a Website

A website is a business solution, marketing tool and a shop front for your business so it is vitally important to get it right. A good website needs to be inviting in design, clever in content and easy to find.

When speaking to a customer who is looking to have a website for their business it is imperative that you do not use a 1980's sales approach. A website is a solution so you need to understand the difference between a solutions led sale and a product led sale. The difference is concept. The sale of a website is all based on concept so you need to be able to demonstrate that


  1. Know your audience & adapt. With websites your potential customers will be anyone from your one man bands through to Solicitors. Be aware of their marketplace and the services they offer. A smaller business may feel more comfortable with an open and frank discussion slide design training rather than a corporate ppt.
  2. Listen to what the customer actually wants Just talking at the customer about how great your business is wont do you any favours, listen to how they see their business and why they want a website.
  3. Demonstrate how you can deliver what they want and the process you will take to achieve their goals. Don't just talk the talk, walk the walk too! Demonstrate what you have done for others and how easy it is to manage the site once live. Be knowledgeable.
  4. Do what you say when you say. If you say that you will have a proposal to them by the end of the week make sure it's done and delivered.
  5. Be open and honest. People prefer to be told upfront what your limitations are so if you can't do something just say.
  6. BE YOURSELF. People buy from people not a text book or a script!


A good website needs great design, clever content, the latest technology and the ability to understand the parameters that the Search Engines are looking for. It takes a combination of things to build good websites, it's not just about good design and that's where a lot of small web companies go wrong. A good  will know all about great design, the latest techn


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