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Green raisins (jumbo raisins)

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Green Raisins ( Jumbo Raisins )Good FoodProperties of raisins:Different packaging :Good Food Manufacturer and supplier of various food products: raisins - barberry - tomato paste - pizza cheese
kashemar raisins

Green Raisins ( Jumbo Raisins )

Green Raisins ( Jumbo Raisins ) also are known as Green Jumbo Raisin.

 As it is clear from its name the color of this raisin is green. Raisins, in general, are dried grapes. They are seedless grapes. Farmers start processing the green long raisin with double washing it. Then we dry it under shade. Then coat them with vegetable oil so it doesn’t lose its moisture too quickly. Also, so the berries don’t stick to each other. Besides, the oil gives berries a moderate shine. The next step is to remove the stems and clean them. The final step is laser sorting them. The moisture level of Jumbo Green Raisin is under 15%

kashemar raisins

Good Food

Raisins produced and supplied in Iran are of two types: round and oval raisins that are mostly produced in Malekan, Malayer Takestan and Quchan cities.
The other type is long raisin (elongated and penned) and is produced in Kashmar, Iran
Green raisins, which are specific to Iran, are produced and offered in two colors, green and gold
We are the largest producer, supplier and exporter of green raisins from Iran. We offer the highest quality raisins at the cheapest prices.

kashemar raisins

Properties of raisins: 

The raisins are dried. Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and B vitamins. Raisins are ripe and dried grapes, which are sold under different names in the market according to the type of grapes, drying method and conditions, and its authorized additives, and like other dried fruits, you can find it throughout the year.

Different packaging :

Packaging is done according to the customer’s request, but the usual packaging is as follows
Packing: 5 kg / 10 kg / 12.5 kg

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