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A Seychelles Honeymoon – An Unforgettable Honeymoon Experience

Adventures in the Seychelles | National GeographicAre you looking for an incredible option to relive your honeymoon or celebrate your wedding anniversary in an unforgettable way? Then no other options could perhaps far outstrip touring to Seychelles, which is one تور سشیل نوید گشت of the most exquisite island groups in the Indian Ocean. A honeymoon in Seychelles is usually attributed as a honeymoon in paradise. Situated on the north of the Madagascar Island and about 1, 000 miles east of Mombassa, Seychelles is an isolated archipelago made up of 115 enchanting islands, each of which is tucked away in a serene, peaceful, and remote setting, thereby making it a haven for honeymooners, romantic couples, and people who want to enliven their relationship in a unique, memorable way.

Mahe - dubbed as the Seychelles' heart - is one of the most romantic spots in the country, with its secluded beaches, sparkling blue waters, and towering mountains. The untouched islands of Praslin and La Digue that are drenched in natural beauty are also excellent spots for your honeymoon. Further, the nightlife at Seychelles is incredible boasting of a number of illuminated nightclubs and casinos, which in turn add to your Seychelles honeymoon. As part of Seychelles honeymoon, couples can also indulge in a variety of activities such as surfing, sailing, paragliding, fishing, and swimming.

Many Seychelles hotels and service providers now provide exceptional services in the form of packages in order to make your Seychelles honeymoon really colorful and memorable. Some hotels render packages inclusive of accommodation, dining, and options for island hopping while some provide honeymoon packages that cover pampering spa treatments, cultural tours, wildlife safaris, fishing, and golf, in addition to accommodation and dining. Since majority of the Seychelles accommodation are set along the uncrowded beaches and tranquil bays, this enables couples to enjoy their honeymoon in a peaceful setting.

Some of the recommended accommodation options for your Seychelles honeymoon are Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove, Le Domaine de l'Orangeraie, Banyan Tree Seychelles, Hotel Acajou, Le Lemuria Resort of Praslin and Fregate Island Private. These are among the Seychelles' posh properties and all of them provide a host of superior options for newly weds and romantic couples to celebrate their honeymoon in a very special way. There are also a range of choices available for budget conscious travelers in the form guest houses, villas, and chalets. Seychelles Attractions - An archipelagic nation that is made up of 115 exquisite islands, Seychelles is one of the world's most enchanting tourist destinations, located in the Indian Ocean, about 1500 kilometers east of Kenya. Categorized under two groups such as Inner Islands and Outer Islands, Seychelles' islands present an exotic range of attractions from scenic and breathtaking natural attractions covering forested areas enriched with rare species of flora and fauna, island dotted seas, and palm fringed beaches to museums, art galleries, and natural monuments and religious sites. Mahe is the main island of the Seychelles and is regarded as the gateway to the country, with the Seychelles's only international airport. It is also home to Victoria - the capital city of the nation.

Seychelles boasts of such a great number of attractions that it takes a number of days to explore all of them. In other words, Seychelles tourist attractions cover everything to satisfy all categories of people touring the place. For instance, if you have a special passion for art and unique culture of the place, then take a tour to Mahe to visit some of its best art galleries and studios such as the George Camille Gallery, Andrew Gee Artist & Designer studio, and Antonio Filippin sculpture Studio. Also, a must-see attraction for art lovers is the Craft Village and Senpa craft kiosks that come with a spectrum of stunning craft items.

Likewise, for nature enthusiasts, Seychelles attractions include some exceptional options in the form of national parks and natural reserves, the significant being the Morne Seychellois National Park, Aride Island Nature Reserve, Veuve Nature Reserve, and Cousin Island Nature Reserve, all of which enable you to enjoy the magnificence of the place. Perhaps the greatest of Seychelles attractions would be its UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Vallée de Mai - a lush, untouched sanctuary located in the Praslin Island and whose highlight is Coco de Mer palms and black parrots, and Aldabra atoll, which has the largest population of giant tortoises in the world.

However, Seychelles attractions are not just restricted for art and nature lovers. The place also has some interesting highlights that throw light on the history of place, with its attention-grabbing historical sites as well as national monuments including the Bel Air Cemetery on Mahe, the Dauban Mausoleum on Silhouette Island, L'Union Estate, and Le Jardin du Roi. Equally noteworthy are Seychelles' museums, gardens, and parks covering the National History Museum and the Seychelles People's United Party Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens, and Marine National Park, all of which are located in Mahe.

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